Buff Boxx: The Ultimate Fitness Subscription Box

image1(1)How is your fitness going?

If you’re anything like me, motivation certainly comes in waves. One day I am eating kale and doing yoga, and the next I wake up from a taco-induced coma on my couch, surrounded by a sea of beefy-5-layer wrappers.

It’s called balance!

One of my favorite new ways to stay motivated (fitness-wise) are subscription boxes!

And I have found the best one ever!

Buff Boxx!

Buff boxx has male and female versions of their boxes! Inside you will find Reebox Athletic Apparel, Fitness Accesories, Workout & Meal Plans, Healthy Snacks, Premium Supplements, and Discounts for Fitness Brands! All for $49.99!

(They also have a “lite” version for $29.99)

What I REALLY love about Buff Boxx, is that a portion of all proceeds goes to a charity of your choosing! (The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Animal Welfare Institute, and Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, just to name a few.) Seriously, how great is that?

Your Buff Boxx is also custom to your size, and if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, they will handle it! 🙂 Not to mention Free Shipping AND Free Exchanges!

Ok, now to the fun part!

This is the un-boxing of my Buff Boxx that I received in March 2017!


I received all of this in my box! I was surprised at the quality AND the quantity that I received. The tanks are SO cute! The reebox tank is super flattering and bright, and the branded Buff Boxx tank is super comfy and soft!


I was not expecting wireless earbuds, so this was a wonderful surprise!


I am SO excited about this Protein Energy! My box came with three packets of this! It has 120mg of Caffeine & 20g of Protein per serving! It’s a beautiful solution to replace a coffee & protein shake routine in the mornings- Now you only need one product! (or, you can even add it to your coffee! or oatmeal or pancake mixes…) 🙂


My box included FOUR different flavors of the Syntha-6 Protein Crisp bars! 20g of protein and only 2g of sugar per bar! It’s great to switch it up from the mundane texture and flavors traditionally associated with protein bars for this crispy little number!


I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the meal plan and workouts included with my Buff Boxx. Perfect for the person who works out all the time- and needs new inspiration! And even great for the newbie- who needs help in getting started! Seriously, Buff Boxx knocked it out of the park with these!

Now get yours!

Use Promo Code: BAYBAYRUTH for $5 off your first boxx!!!



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