Southern Utah Staycation

It’s fun to tell people that we live in Utah when we are traveling, because they always ask questions about snow. They immediately picture beautiful snow-capped mountains, and ask us how often we ski.

Then, we get to explain that we live in Southern Utah, where it is quite different than they might imagine.

We love living in Saint George, and even after living here for close to seven years, I am still amazed at how much I have yet to discover. It’s a place of natural beauty and adventure, with a plethora of exciting outdoor activities. If you’re curious on what there is to do where I live, click Here.

And while we do truly enjoy where we live, my husband and I also have a love of travel. However, now that we are parents of a six-month old baby, there is a lot more work to be done in regards to what to bring, where to go, and how far we can go!

This, of course, spurred the idea of a staycation- to take a vacation in the exact city that we already love and live in.

And although we have traveled to many diverse and beautiful places, I think this trip was one of the most relaxing, carefree, and still extremely memorable trips we have taken. However, if you don’t live in Saint George, I highly recommend looking into visiting! I also recommend the idea of a staycation; especially those with young children. It can be time spent within your own city, or even time just spent at your house! Here is a great article with tips on vacationing right in your own home.

That being said, the best decision that we made, was to stay at The Inn At Entrada.


The Inn is very different than any resort I have stayed at before. Instead of imagining a hotel resort with rooms stacked right on top of one another, this beautiful place boasts a variety of private suites and casitas spread out next to the allusive Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club. As a guest of the Inn, you are allowed access to the private facilities, including their gorgeous golf course, restaurant, fitness center, and pool.

(Yes, the famous pool. You know, the one featured on High School Musical 2? Yep, the film was shot here and the actors did indeed stay at the Inn during filming!)


We had the pleasure of staying in what is called an Anasazi 2-Bedroom Suite. If you’re interested in more details or on booking it for yourself, click Here.

It is a two bedroom, two bathroom luxurious suite, that features ample living space.

The full-size kitchen is absolutely gorgeous- and fully stocked with kitchen supplies- you don’t need to (and won’t want to) get your morning coffee elsewhere. The Inn provides you with a great selection to brew right in your own kitchen.



I love that there is such incredible natural light throughout the suite. You can see the large windows and skylights in the kitchen! *sigh*


We wanted to give my readers an accurate feel to how large the kitchen actually is, so here you have it! More than enough to dance in! 🙂


If you make it out of this dream kitchen, surely it will largely be due to the inviting fireplace in the living room. Above that is a large TV, if you feel obliged to look at anything other than the amazing scenery outside.



I am telling you, you will feel at home in this suite. In fact, my little fam decided we liked it here better than our own home, and tried to come up with schemes in hopes to never leave The Inn.


There was something so sweet about being able to read to our baby in total comfort and quiet during our stay. It is one of our favorite things to do, and the Inn provided a perfect space to do it in!




Traveling with a baby can be nerve-wrecking for multiple reasons, as you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible. We had more than enough room for her toys and books. There even was a closet with a full-size washer and dryer! Which, as all new parents know, is an absolute dream while traveling.

As someone who enjoys hotels and travelling, I have endured my fair-share of bad hotel beds. Who hasn’t? Even a lot of the higher-end resorts have led me to disappointment in this category.  I think some of the time, we as guests just cross our fingers and hope for the best. I am happy and confident to report that the beds at Entrada were beyond luxurious and comfortable. You can tell the linens are high-quality and well looked after. And, as you might expect, the room was beautiful. I haven’t mentioned yet, but the Inn features “Smart House” technology. As in, you click a button on a remote and your blinds descend from the ceiling. We decided that this is a “must” in our future home… One day! 🙂




The bathroom connected to our Master bedroom couldn’t have been any better. It was immaculately clean and bright. There was: a large, walk-in closet, a large, walk-in shower, a beautiful vanity with two sinks, and my favorite- a whirlpool tub.

I think that may have been Presley’s favorite as well.




Yes, she absolutely adores her otteroo! You can get one for your little one, here.


So, yes, the suite absolutely was incredible. And this trip, we craved relaxation more than adventure. So, while Saint George is the perfect place for exploring nature and pushing your physical limits, we decided to take it easy and enjoy what the Inn at Entrada had for us.


There is plenty to enjoy just within the grounds of the resort. We love walks as a family, and there was quite a lot to look at! The Inn has beautiful ponds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, pickleball courts, waterfalls, bridges, etc. It is such a pretty area!




There are also a few little friends that live here! We saw a bunch of ducks, bunnies, and frogs!




We relaxed by the pool, and I succesfully managed to refrain belting High School Musical songs aloud, which I am very proud of. We also participated in a friendly game of pool-side ping-pong.



There a few dining options on location, as well as Downtown St. George being fairly close by.

We ordered pizza to our room one night, grabbed some take out another. However for lunch, my husband ran by the “Snack bar” at Entrada, which is the most casual dining option that is offered there.

Normally, I wouldn’t report on this.

And to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. However, to this day, those are still the absolute best chicken strips and fries that I have ever had. I still dream about them. That’s all I have to say on that.

To burn some of those delicious calories off, we could have hit the Entrada Fitness Center, which again we had free access to. However, we decided to switch gears, literally, and go for a bike ride.


Biking through Entrada was so much fun! It is such a beautiful community! We absolutely loved it!

As a guest of the Inn, you also have access to the private golf course at Entrada.The Johnny Miller Signature Design 18-hole championship private golf course weaves through ancient black lava flows and meandering streams, stretching across 7,085 yards.  Entrada distinguishes itself year after year as Utah’s premier golf experience. Entrada is ranked as the number one year-round golf course in the state by Golf Digest Magazine.

We weren’t able to golf this time around, but it is on our list!

With so many amazing options just within Entrada, we didn’t even have to leave the gated community to have an amazing time.

The Inn at Entrada is much more than a place to stay. They take a step above in everything that they offer there. The accomodations were so incredible!

I am not kidding when I say that we were sad to leave.

I highly recommend the Inn to anyone and everyone, as they have accomodations for just one person, up to a 5-bedroom Suite!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, or if you know of any other hidden gem resorts that we need to see next!

The gorgeous lifestyle photography was done by Ashley Meagan Photography


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